Monthly Planner

Click Here to download this free monthly planner.

If you're anything like me I'm 50% analog and 50% digital. No matter how hard I try I just can't seem to fully commit to having everything on a screen. Nothing is worse than having 17 scrap papers with little note scattered everywhere too. 

That's why I created the free Monthly Planner tool. It's the perfect place to gather all your thoughts, write down due dates, bill dates, whatever your heart desires.

The Down-low

When creating this I really wanted to make sure I fit everyones needs. It's one thing to have a tool but it's another thing if that tool actually is functional for your life. This is the exact reason why my monthly planner includes 2 sizes, A5 and standard letter. Some people prefer and on-the-go method and an A5 works best for them. Some people like to have a binder where they control everything. No matter what your style of planning is I got your back.


Let's face it, everyone days, weeks and months look different. That's why I have made everything undated. You have control of your flow and how everything looks. The Month can be filled in at the top of the planner. Weekdays fit perfectly in the bar above the grid which is perfect for those whom love to visually see their week start on a Monday. Number off the days how you see fit. 

Even More Options

Trust me, I didn't stop there. Not only are there 2 sizes but it offers 3 print options! You are able to print this in letter size, A5 size and (what I call) A5-letter size.

Letter size - This is your standard plain sheet of printing paper. 
A5 size - Did you know you can buy plain A5 sheets online? These sheets are perfect for a fun diy planner
A5 letter size - This is simply an A5 size with cut guides on a letter size. That means if you want A5 size but don't want to buy A5 sheets you don't have to. 

How To Print

Printing this file is super simple just follow the steps below to make sure your monthly planner prints perfectly.
1- Make sure your printer settings are set to Letter - Boarderless
2- Print double sided
3- Scale to 100%
4- Select the Page Range for the planner you want to print