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baby love: jilian dee

Posted on March 12 2017

Photographer Isabel Nao is based in Zurich and enjoys capturing images of people, moments and places. Her travels and educational pursuits have brought her elsewhere, but she will always partake in spontaneous trips throughout Switzerland, such as this one to beautiful Graubünden. Enjoy her words and photos…

One of the great things about Switzerland is that a two-hour train ride transports you to another world. So a couple of friends and I set out to the canton of Graubünden, in the east of the country, to get some fresh air and take in the spectacular views. These photos will take you to the peaceful Crestasee Lake, into a snowstorm in the valley of the Rhine and to the top of Muottas Muragl, ending up at Lago Bianco. Switzerland is very well connected with trains and buses, so we only used public transportation and our feet.


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